Human Rights

Fujikura Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Human Rights and Modern Slavery


Fujikura-Group Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (pdf)

In the Fujikura Group CSR Activity Guidelines, the Group sets the following rule on human rights:
14) Respect the human rights of all people and refuse to tolerate the violation of human rights such as forced labor and child labor.

For all its employees around the world, the Fujikura Group manages occupational safety and health ethically and ensures a good working environment, where human rights are respected and discrimination is prohibited, based on Fujikura's Code of Conduct. We are also committed to fair and square labor management in line with the International Labour Conventions that set out international labor standards, while also giving due consideration to the related laws, regulations, and social norms, including the Japanese Labor Standards Act and the Industrial Health and Safety Act.

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