19 October 2021

AS THE NUMBER of FTTH projects across Europe intensifies, Fujikura Europe has launched its most powerful and compact active cladding alignment fusion splicer - the 41S+, which has been engineered to support network installers under pressure to complete projects faster but still within budget.


The 41S+ is the latest in Fujikura Europe's series of fusion splicers that help network engineers speed up time on projects. The model delivers three key benefits: enhanced splice quality, smart and secure management, and improved operability. The new model elevates the already impressive performance of Fujikura's single fibre active clad alignment machine with the addition of the Active Fusion Control (AFCT) and Active Blade Management (ABMT) technologies, pioneered in its flagship 90S+ model.


Active Fusion Control Technology activates when a cleave end face is bad quality and automatically adjusts settings to improve fusion stability and decrease splice loss. It also analyses fibre brightness and adjusts fusion power in real time to ensure an even amount of heat is distributed, which again reduces splice loss and the need to rework splices.


The 41S+ and CT50 fibre cleaver are equipped with wireless data connectivity to enable automatic cleaver blade rotation. Active Blade Management Technology enables the 41S+ to judge that the cleave blade is worn by continuously monitoring the frequency of bad cleaves. As the cleave blade begins to wear, the blade will automatically rotate to a new position.


During the past 18 months, demand for high-quality internet connectivity has increased tenfold as businesses and people rely ever more on connectivity for work, education and leisure. This has been reflected in the number of network upgrade and optimisation projects taking place, with countries like the UK, Germany and Italy all connecting more than 1.5M homes with full fibre from September 2019 to September 2020 - according to the FTTH Council Europe.This pace of upgrading networks is only likely to be maintained if not increase looking towards 2022 and the 41S+ plays a small but critical role in the ability of network operators to stay on-plan with full fibre delivery while contributing to cost efficiencies and a lower total cost of ownership.


Neil Bessant, Fujikura Europe's Fusion Splicer Divisional Manager, says the 41S+ is the latest model in its product strategy to develop splicer technology that is ahead of project demands and helps to keep engineers on schedule:


"It's been clear for a long time that the demand for connectivity is only going to increase. But due to the pandemic, that demand skyrocketed and put pressure on operators, the engineers on the ground, governments and all involved in internet infrastructure to ensure networks can handle the now increased level of connectivity. 


"Key to our product strategy has been a desire and a commitment to developing technology that is ahead of market demands - therefore many of our models, including the new 41S+, already have the capability to support engineers and users who are now under more pressure to complete projects faster. Users can't afford hold ups when they need to move onto their next project. 


"The 41S+ has a number of key features, including our Active Fusion Control and Active Blade Management Technology to reduce splice loss and automate most of the splicing process, helping engineers and users to get the job done quicker." 


The 41S+ is available to order in Europe now, with delivery by the end of October.


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