Fujikura Europe presents CO2 laser Glass Processing and Splicing System, LZM-100 and LZM-100P

23 October 2012

ECOC 2012: LAZERMaster LZM-100 Glass Processing and Splicing System CO2 laser glass processing and optical fiber splicer for long adiabatic tapering and XLDF splicing.


LZM-100 and LZM-100P are new generation splicers that use a CO2 laser heat source rather than electrodes, ensuring consistent splices and low maintenance. Splicing or adiabatic tapering (to create mode field adapters or pump combiners) can be performed with glass diameters of 2.3 mm or more.LZM-100P is tailored for polarization maintaining (PM) fibers. They are ideal for R&D and production, adaptable to meet specific customer needs with simple operation system.

A SpliceLab PC control graphical user interface (GUI) provides greater flexibility and finer control
relative to the LAZERMaster on-board firmware. The system is very easy to operate, allows complete process configuration. Customers can also create proprietary PC control algorithms using a complete set of PC control commands.


  • Clean CO2 laser heat source provide repeatable splices with  low maintenance

  • Patented "split v-groove" clamping system automatically adjusts for 80 to 2300 µm fibers

  • Long travel / high resolution Z motion for very long adiabatic tapers

  • Simple onboard splicer menus and parameters common to Fujikura FSM-100 splicers

  • Onboard multi-step "Special Functions" and SpliceLab PC GUI simplify glass shaping control & measurement

  • Customisable platform, mechanical architecture and laser beam shape, size & power

  • Enables users to develop proprietary processes using complete set of PC command codes

  • Optional End-View observation & alignment system

  • Optional Theta rotators for PM fiber alignment

  • Optional touch-screen PC for convenient functionality


  • Extra-large diameter fiber splicing for fiber laser, bio-medical, and sensor applications

  • Long adiabatic fiber tapers to generate Mode Field Adapters

  • Multi-fiber tapers for pump laser combiners

  • Fiber lensing and other glass shaping

For more information please go to /products/fusion-splicers-and-accessories/specialty-splicers/lazermaster-lzm-100-laser-splicing-system/