Fujikura Europe takes strides towards laser growth with best-selling Pulsed Laser series

22 March 2017

Fujikura Europe - one of the top three fibre manufacturers in the world - is proving themselves to be a major competitive force in the industrial laser market thanks to its best-selling ultra-high quality Pulsed Fibre Lasers and the anticipated launch of its new 500W air-cooled CW lasers.


The best-selling Pulsed Fibre Laser FLP-G10 series is price competitive with a reliable design and excellent beam quality (M2 typically 1.3) and holds a proven track record of more than 6,000 lasers in the field. The series excels in deep metal engraving at high power on reflective materials, but is also highly cost competitive at lower powers too.

"The key technical benefits are very high beam quality (M2 typically 1.3) and extreme tolerance to back reflections at high powers," said Simon Richardson, Head of Optics within Fujikura Europe. "We have unique patents relating to our laser diodes, our cavity design, the active fibres and the key optical components within the laser. Quality control is also ensured as our reliable design and manufacturing is backed by decades of experience as a high quality optical fibre manufacturer."

Fujikura is committed to the laser market long-term and will also be launching air-cooled 500W CW lasers in the coming weeks, which will be ideal for a range of applications from additive manufacturing to micro-cutting and Anilox inking rolls. In addition to the lasers' strengths of beam quality and stability, they also have bespoke fibres to eliminate stimulated Brilloiun scattering (SBS).

"Commercially, we are seeing many of the established laser manufacturers enter the systems market, so laser systems integrators are effectively having to purchase lasers from their competitor," said Richardson. "We will, however, remain an independent producer of lasers. We have also recently extended our range to lower powers to provide complete choice from 20W to 75W."

Fujikura Europe first developed its fibre laser in the early 1990s and is currently a leading supplier of fibre lasers for the Japanese market.

"At Fujikura Europe, we aim to use our expertise in fibre technologies to improve efficiency and gradually grow our market share, aiming to become a top three supplier of fibre lasers in the European market by 2020. The response for the Pulsed Laser Series has been hugely significant, and we look forward to growing Fujikura Europe as a proven laser business with an enhanced portfolio soon," added Richardson.