Fujikura Europe to showcase unrivalled splicing technology at Data Centre World London 2018

16 March 2018

Focusing on usability and simplification, the company will display the latest additions to its world-renowned fibre optic solution portfolio


Chessington, UK. 14 March 2018:Fujikura Europe will present its record-breaking fusion splicing and connectivity solutions, highlighting its capabilities in usability and simplification, at this year's Data Centre World London, 21-22 March.

The focus for the company this year will be the 70R+, the fastest ribbon splicer in the world. Fujikura's latest standard ribbon fibre fusion splicer, the 70R+ was designed with increased ergonomics in mind and is noticeably faster and more durable than its predecessors, allowing the user to customise the operation of the machine to best suit their splicing processes. Designed with improved shock and environmental factor resistance, the 70R+ is also able to withstand ruggedized conditions, as well as a 30-inch drop test.

"Productivity and ease of use are major issues for our customers, and we have sought to provide a solution with the 70R+," said Neil Bessant, Divisional Manager - Fusion Splicer Division at Fujikura Europe. "With the 70R+, we were able to minimise the steps required to complete full splices, resulting in greater efficiency. Combined with an automatic wind protector and customisable operations, the 70R+ is the fastest ribbon fusion splicer of its kind on the market today."

Also on display at the booth will be the companies solution for bonded ribbon fibre, the advanced Spider Web Ribbon™ (SWR). Ideal for the cramped underground spaces of urban areas and cities and riddled with legacy cabling, the SWR makes an efficient use of space in these conduit and manhole locations.

Specifically designed for high density interconnections in data centres and backbone networks for central office operations, the SWR allows for both mass fusion splicing just like conventional optical fibre ribbon whilst at the same time allowing for easy identification, separation and splicing of single fibres when used in conjunction with the company's Wrapping Tube Cable ™ (WTC), delivers dramatic reductions in cable outer diameter and weight, whilst improving the flexibility & handling in comparison to traditional cabling.

The company's state-of-the-art modular test platform, the Rogue ™, will also be on display at the show. Staying true to the theme of user experience, The Rogue ™ allows customers to invest only in the essential application-specific tests. Each clean-slate Rogue test module uses state-of-the-art technology to produce the most accurate results in the shortest amount of time. By pairing Rogue modules with apps running on a smart device, you can create the test capability that a technician requires for any specific job. The ease of use continues with smart phone connectivity, linking technicians directly to the hardware from any device.

 "We are looking forward to showcasing our world leading fibre technology and demonstrating its potential in the data centre space. Data Centre World visitors can expect to see this year, how uncompromised our offering is when it comes to quality and customer experience," added Bessant. "At Fujikura Europe, we are committed to providing only the best fibre splicing solutions on the market and the solutions that we are showcasing at this year's show really demonstrate that commitment."