Fujikura extends Fibre Inspection Solutions to the UK

3 June 2014

Chessington South, UK. 29 May, 2014.Fujikura Europe has expanded its portfolio of optical test equipment for the UK market with a WiFi-based Solution Application available for Android and iOS devices.


With mobility and connectivity at its core, the new FOCIS WiFi gives field installation and maintenance personnel test and inspection power precision and mobility through a free app on their own devices which delivers a pass/fail indication in less than one second.

"It usually takes several seconds for inspection equipment to evaluate the connector against the standard and report a pass or fail," said Neil Bessant, Fusion Splicer Divisional Manager at Fujikura Europe. "The speed of FOCIS WiFI is just one of the reasons why this is a must for any field and maintenance engineer. It has already been extremely well received at exhibitions and we are confident our customers will be equally impressed."

The FOCIS WiFi, provides a wireless Fibre Optic Connector Inspection System to equip personnel with real-time digital analysis and reporting, as well as advanced functionality to save and verify standards instantly. The free app, plus wireless connection of an inspection probe, can be installed on a range of mobile devices including Android, iOS phone or tablet.

Three different FOCIS WiFi systems offer the following features:

  1. FOCIS WiFi VIEW - enables users to view live images of a fibre endface on their smartphone or tablet
  2. FOCIS WiFi PLUS - enables users to view, save, recall and share saved endface images via email, text or mobile cloud applications like Dropbox™ or Google Drive™
  3. FOCIS WiFi PRO - enables users to automatically analyse connector integrity according to IEC 61300-3-35, AT&T TP-76461 or user-defined standards and save, recall and share results via email, text or mobile cloud applications

Fujikura will be presenting the NEW FOCIS PRO Inspection Kit (FOCIS WiFi) at ECOC 2014, Europe's largest optical communications conference and exhibition, held in Cannes, France, in September.

Fujikura Europe is a distribution branch of AFL NOYES - a subsidiary of America Fujikura Ltd which is part of the "Fujikura Group" of companies - and the authorised distributor for its test and measurement products in the UK. AFL NOYES' leading fibre inspection family arrived to the UK market in 2012 with the introduction of the  FOCIS system, which enables users to view, capture, store, recall, review and share fibre end face images and document whether fibre connections are contamination free.

Fujikura is also the approved calibration and repair centre for NOYES products in Europe. Whether commissioning fibre optic cables or testing a splice for quality and connectivity, NOYES Test and Inspection products can be used across any industry network for data and access.