Fujikura expands its connector inspection with the FOCIS Flex

28 August 2014

Fujikura expands its connector inspection systems  launching AFL NOYES FOCIS Flex- a self-contained, tether-free, compact and handheld connector inspection probe. At the click of a button, FOCIS Flex auto-focuses, captures, centres and analyses end-face images to easily display, transfer or store pass/fail results within seconds.

"As networks move to higher data rates, operators are increasingly concerned about loss and reflections due to dirty or damaged connectors," notes Tom Watson, product marketing manager at Fujikura Europe. " Technicians do not need to be fully conversant across all test and inspection products, using the correct test equipment which are easy to set up, easy to use and quick to test, faults are diagnosed and analysed quickly, saving vital network downtime.

With the addition of FOCIS Flex, Fujikura offers the broadest line of connector inspection solutions and unique features, from low cost viewing scopes to Wi-Fi video scopes with automatic pass/fail analysis for smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and now an untethered, completely automatic Bluetooth® video scope."

With rechargeable battery and integrated display, FOCIS Flex can be used completely independent of an OTDR or display unit, allowing technicians to easily view, analyse and save thousands of results internally. Technicians can pair FOCIS Flex with the FLX380 or OFL280 FlexTester ODTRs via Bluetooth to effortlessly view and save images and pass/fail results on all the devices.

FOCIS Flex is available with a wide range of interchangeable adapter tips to support the inspection of a variety of patch cords and bulkhead-mounted connectors with either PC or APC polished end-faces. FOCIS Flex is offered as a standalone kit or can be paired with a FLX380 or OFL280.

Fujikura Europe is a distribution branch of AFL NOYES - a subsidiary of America Fujikura Ltd which is part of the "Fujikura Group" of companies - and the authorised distributor for its test and measurement products in the UK.

Fujikura is also the approved calibration and repair centre for AFL NOYES products in Europe. Test and Inspection products can be used across any industry network for data and access.