Fujikura launches a series of Fiber Optics Tools and New ARC Fusion splicers

17 January 2011

Fujikura Ltd.(, the world leader in fusion splicing technology announces that following two new fiber optic fusion splicers and a series of innovative fiber optic tools are exhibited at Photonics West 2011 (Jan.25-27 2011, The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA). Please come to AFL booth#4103.

• Specialty fiber fusion splicer FSM-100M+ "plus".
• PM fiber fusion splicer FSM-100P+ "plus".
• Polyimide fiber coating stripper PCS-100.
• Optical fiber automatic preparation machine APM-100.
• Advanced optical fiber cleaver CT-100.

"Sophisticated" specialty fiber fusion splicers FSM-100M+"plus" & FSM-100P+"plus". The number and type of optical fibers for fusion splicing application is rapidly increasing and being diversified beyond telecommunication and into fiber lasers, sensors and medical field. The addition of FSM-100M+/100P+ to ARCMaster product line, FSM-100M/100P released in Aug. 2010, provides further advanced capabilities, such as innovative "End-view" fiber observation system and XLDF (Extra Large Diameter Fiber) splicing.

• End-view fiber observation system (100M+/P+) - Optical fiber is observed in axial direction by a means of mirror for fine alignment. Uniquely structured fibers, such as PM, multi-core or non-circular fibers can now be more precisely spliced.

• XLDF splicing capability (100M+/P+) - Large diameter fibers up to 1200um cladding dia. can be fusion spliced with air-cooled 3mm dia. electrodes moving up/down during splicing. In addition to "Plasma-zone technique", multiple fiber and electrode positioning technique introduced with 100M/P series, arc profile now has unprecedented versatility for more variety of optical fibers.

Enhanced sweep arc technology (100M+/P+)- Travel range for "sweep arc" is now as long as +/- 18mm for improved MFD matching capability and has the ability for reshaping non-circular fibers in preparation for splicing. • "Split v-groove" & "height adjustable fiber stage (100M+/P+)" - This revolutionary design provides firm fiber clamping ranging from 60um to 1200um in cladding dia.

Dual PM alignment technologies (100P+)- To properly align and splice the ever increasing and technically challenging variety of PM fibers, Fujikura developed IPA which is a new alignment technology. The FSM-100P includes both traditional PAS alignment as well as the new IPA technology, and it provides users with the most comprehensive capabilities on the market for splicing PM fiber. IPA also enables accurate PER estimation for all PM fiber types.

Special arc calibration technology - This calibration technology facilitates an easy transfer of high end splicing applications from R&D to production by ensuring consistent performance and enables full exploitation of "Plasma Zone" capabilities.

Improved splice loss estimation technology - Combining the best features of both cold and warm splice imaging, these new generation splicers offer unprecedented accuracy for splice loss estimation.

Production friendly design - A low profile design that eliminates fiber catch points, the dimensions of both splicers are consistent with the most popular production splicing work-benches in use today.

Internet firmware updates - An industry first! Customers can now upgrade firmware as new capabilities become available from Fujikura. Upgrading is as simple as connecting a USB cable to your splicer

Polyimide fiber coating stripper PCS-100. Polyimide coated optical fiber is now widely used in Oil/gas and medical industries. The coating has superior heat & chemical resistance to conventional UV curable material, but dangerous chemical stripping using hot sulfuric acid or burning are common methods to remove the coating due to its thin but strong adhesion to glass part of the fiber. The PCS-100 is the first tool using mechanical stripping method, and provides safe, consistent and quick stripping solutions.

• Quick stripping - Razor blade is applied to the fiber with specific tension, and the coating is precisely planed along the fiber automatically. The process takes much shorter time than any conventional methods with acid or heat.

• Safe and quality stripping - Operation is much safer as this uses no chemical acid. In addition, the fiber quality degradation is kept minimum as the glass surface is not oxidized by burning.

• Flexible - A lot of parameters, such as razor blade position and stroke, fiber rotation angle are all adjustable for various size and coating material of optical fibers.

Optical fiber automatic preparation machine APM-100. There are certain steps to prepare optical fibers before splicing.

  • Stripping fiber without degrading fiber quality.
  • Cleaning fiber with alcohol to remove coating residue.
  • Cleaving fiber with right angle.

The quality of each process largely relies on operator's skill, and these skilled processes sometimes bother productivity improvement. The APM-100 does all these troublesome processes automatically with high consistency.


Quick operation - Whole process completes in as short as 18 secs.

Automatic residue collector - Coating residue and glass scraps are collected in separate containers, and continuous 100-operation is possible without cleaning them.
Automatic cleaning - Main components in the machine are automatically cleaned for continuous 100-operations.
Alcohol circulation system - Alcohol for cleaning is circulated in a closed system for this enables long time refill-free operation.
Diamond blade - Diamond blade is used for cleaving, and this provides consistent cleaving quality.
Reliable stripping method - Contact of stripping blade to the fiber is controlled with some guides on the blade in order to minimize the damage to the fiber during stripping process.
Reliable stripping method - Contact of stripping blade to the fiber is controlled with some guides on the blade in order to minimize the damage to the fiber during stripping process.
Production friendly design - Operating height is set the same to FSM-100 series splicers for smooth and simple operation.

Advanced optical fiber cleaver CT-100. As the type of optical fiber is diversified, more precise cleaving quality is required nowadays. In addition, angle cleaving now requires quality for anti-reflecting fiber end finish. The CT-100 offers superior cleaving performance to conventional cleaver with circular blade.
The CT-100 is equipped with motorized diamond blade, and it touches fiber with specific tension to finally make quality cleaving of the fiber. This is the same system that APM-100 uses.

  • Diamond blade - Diamond blade is used for cleaving, and this provides consistent cleaving quality.
  • Large diameter fiber cleaving capability - Large diameter fiber up to 250um cladding dia. can be cleaved. Tension applied to fiber can be adjusted for optimum cleaving condition for various fiber, and toggle clamps are equipped on both left/right fiber-ends to apply consistent tension to fiber, which is critical in the case of LDF cleaving.
  • Angle cleaving capability - Fiber twisting angle is adjustable for certain target cleave angle.
  • Cleave counter - Cleave counter is integrated for users to know the number of cleaving made. Operators may use this to know blade adjustment of replacement timing.
  • Adjustable cleave length - Fiber clamping stage is movable, and cleave length can be adjusted from 3mm to 40mm.
  • Dual power sources - Internal battery slot is equipped for battery operation with 4pcs of "AA" size battery, as well as AC operation with an AC/DC adapter.

The need for Accurate, Reliable, and Consistent splicing is expanding to new applications beyond telecommunications. Today splicing is used for fiber lasers, sensors, medical applications, and research and development. These entirely new "ARCMaster" fusion splicers from Fujikura have been developed to provide the ultimate in performance and flexibility for a variety of customers and markets.
Additional information can be found at Fujikura's new website which will be the central repository of information for all of Fujikura's state of the art fusion splicer products.  Stay tuned to for forthcoming additions to the "ARCMaster" family of specialty fusion splicers.

About Fujikura:
Fujikura is the world's leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables and equipment for installation, measurement, and testing. Fujikura incorporates "Tsunagu" technology making the Fujikura name synonymous with fiber optic fusion splicers. Visit for more information.