New: Get "Splice+" app

19 July 2017

Splice+ is a smartphone application that works in cooperation with the RS02/RS03 series ribbon fibre strippers which have Bluetooth capability.

 splice app 1.JPG

The app provides functions to edit settings of the devices, a function to update firmware, tutorials of the devices, and so on.

Splice+ is available free of charge on Google Play.

 splice details.JPG

Start-up Instructions:

When the app starts, the app shows the list of the devices available to be connected or the devices that were connected once.

splice startup.JPG

+There are rectangular link icons on the left of the top menu.

When there is/are dark blue link icon(s) in the list, tapping that icon establishes a connection between the app and the device.

+The link icon of a connected device is coloured with blue.

+When the link icon is grey, the corresponding device isn't ready for connection. However, you can still check the information of the device collected during the last connection.

If you want the app to connect a device that doesn't appear on the list or link icon of which is coloured with grey, press and hold the Bluetooth button on the device until the Bluetooth lamp starts blinking.

Once the Bluetooth led starts blinking, the device appears on the list and its link icon becomes dark blue. Then you can connect the device to the app by tapping the icon.

* Splice+ will also be available for iPhone on mid-July.

 The following is an introduction of the function of Splice+using the smartphone image.

splice app.JPG