Fujikura launches World’s smallest and lightest active V-groove splicer

2 February 2015

Chessington, UK. February 1, 2015. Fujikura Europe has launched the 21S, a new advanced FTTH splicer for single fibre which is the World's smallest and lightest active V-groove model.

The high-end splicer, which is developed for applications in FTTX, Data Centre, LAN, and Access Network, features a moveable V-groove mechanism for active alignment to deliver improved splicing performance and consistent splicing results

The latest addition to Fujikura's splicer family adds to the company's portfolio to deliver a complete offering of splicing options from the basic, with the 12S, to the very advanced, which is met by the flagship 70S, and everything in between.

"Our new 21S splicer is an incredibly exciting product which allows customers to opt for a level of splicing in between the 12S and 70S," said Neil Bessant, Fusion Splicer Divisional Manager at Fujikura Europe. "It is a unique product, in that it delivers high-quality splicing without a higher price tag as the World's smallest and lightest Active V-groove splicer and designed to provide an advanced FTTH splicer."

In addition to the active V-groove alignment mechanism, the 21S also boasts accurate splice loss estimation and real-time arc calibration functions. Its typical splice time is nine seconds and its tube-heating time is 30 seconds.

At 1.1kg it is extremely lightweight and measures 120 x 189 x 71.3 mm. The splicer also has a 4.7inch TFT colour LCD monitor and a built in battery which enables 200 cycles of splice and tube-heating when fully charged.

Bessant added: "With its easy operation and stable splicing performance indoor and outdoor we are confident that customer response to this new model will be extremely positive."