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Pulsed Fibre Laser FLP-G11 series

Pulsed Fibre Laser

1.08-μm Q-switched pulsed Ytterbium fibre lasers design for OEM applications

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FLP-G11-303 / -307 are maintenance-free Q-switched pulsed Ytterbium fibre lasers. The lasers deliver high power 1.08-μm laser beam directly via flexible metal sealed fibre cable. They can provide many end user benefits, including unprecedented deep engraving capabilities on high-melting-point metals, black laser marking on car components and high-speed micro-fabrication.

APPLICATIONS: Marking, Deep engraving and Cutting, Welding, Precision drilling


  • 30 W average output power
  • 1.0 mJ energy per pulse
  • 30 to 80 kHz pulse repetition
  • M2≦1.6 beam quality
  • Equipped guide laser inside its body
  • Unified control-unit-power and LD-power supply with a voltage of 24 V  Robustness against harsh environment
  • Air-cooled package
  • PC based control via D-SUB 25 pin or serial communication port
  • Maintenance free and high reliability