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FSCO-PM Closure

FSCO-PM wall mountable Splice Closures are designed for aerial, strand-mount FTTH drop locations where drop cables are spliced to distribution cables.

These closures combine grommet cable sealing technology and splice & SC adapter tray in a strong outer body

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These closures are compatible with all loose buffer tube and central core tube

Sleeve with hexagon socket bolt locking mechanism which makes

Dismantling /assembling easy

Accommodate SC field terminated Drop Cables installation.

Compatible with most cable types.

Fully mechanical design, fiber reinforced plastic or equivalent

Recommendation of life span for 15 to 20 years (depends on environment).

Concept of separate cable entries system.

Compatible with Fujikura's optical splitter trays for the changing needs of

optical networks.

Removable splice tray holder available for convenient aerial splicing.

Laser caution signs provided on cover of the top tray.

Flipped opened and stackable tray available.



Wall mountable Closure is suitable for up to 48 single fiber splicing, which can cover most of the applications in the fiber distribution networks like Fiber To The Home / Fiber To The Curb (FTTH/FTTC) . Pole mount application is possible with pole mount option, Butt, Mid-span access, and Taut Sheath configuration are used. In addition, wall mount, pole mount application with indoor/outdoor are possible.