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FTTH Future Access Catalogue and Brochure

Fujikura prize ourselves as a total products supplier for end-to-end Optical Distribution Network. 

For our valued customers who are keen on the installation of optical networks this catalogue will provide you with products that provide answers to your implementation needs. 

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Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) is the ultimate technology for delivering high speed broadband to consumers.

The term "Fibre Broadband" is sometimes misused, referring to "Fibre-To-The-Cabinet" (FTTC) technologies such as VDSL and DOCSIS, but true FTTH brings the transmitted light signal from the operators exchange directly into the consumers' home using optical fibre for the entire route.

FTTC is often chosen by operators due to the costs associated with replacing the existing copper connections with fibre. Actually, the cost of installing fibre is no more expensive than installing copper (if you start from a clean slate), but operators have previously deployed a copper infrastructure and they need to maximise their previous investments.
However the last copper connection is ultimately limited in its capacity, and eventually the transition to fibre will need to be made.

The goal is to make this jump from copper to fibre as easy and cost effective as possible, and that is what Fujikura has been doing in Japan since the mid-nineties.