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Future Access FTTH

Fujikura's aerial access cables (SSW) utilise an external supporting cable with the optical fibres easily accessible from below. It's a small, compact design that minimises waste and is durable under extreme conditions. A small excess of fibre is built into the design providing enough spare fibre to allow closures to be added at any point in the network. This means that 100% of the potential subscriber base can be accessed simply by passing their homes with the SSW cable. There is no need to design or install the subscriber connection until services are taken up.

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Our pole mounted closures allow the underground cables to connect to the SSW cables. Our aerial closures mount directly onto these SSW cables. The aerial closures are easy to install at any point on the access network, so subscriber connections can be made very quickly with minimal installer training. In the simplest scenario, a single connection can be made without any splitters in the closure but splitters can be added at a later date when multiple connections  are needed from the same point.

This concept minimises the initial capitalexpenditure but provides complete versatility and allowing the network to grow as more customers take up the service.

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