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SpiderWeb Ribbon®

SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) is a bonded fibre ribbon technology that provides significant improvement in fibre cable package density and when used in conjunction with Wrapping Tube Cable™ technology offers a significant reduction of overall cable diameter and weight when compared to traditional ribbon-based cable or loose tube fibre optic cable. The SWR® technology consists of 12 fibres connected to each other by a periodic UV-curable resin bond. The periodic nature of the bond allows for the ribbon to be bunched and collapsed similar to the expected movement of a bundle of loose fibres. It also allows the ribbon to act as either a traditional ribbon for mass fusion splicing or to be broken out into individual fibres for single fusion splicing.


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Spider Web Ribbon® is Fujikura's innovative optical fibre ribbon, which allows mass fusion splicing just like conventional optical fibre ribbon, as well as allowing installers to easily identify, separate and splice individual fibres within a bundle of fibres.



Applying Spider Web Ribbon®, the diameter of 1728 fibre Wrapping Tube Cable is 37% smaller than 1728 fibre conventional ribbon loose tube cable, and the weight is 65% smaller than that of ribbon loose tube cable.

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This feature contributes to the efficient use of duct and manhole space, which are normally extremely congested with legacy cables, especially in old and large cities.

Additionally, smaller diameter of Wrapping Tube Cable allows longer cable drum length. If cable is wound onto the biggest drum size for cable shipping in full size container (94'' flange size drum), the cable drum length of 1728 fibre ribbon loose tube cable is only 2,200m while Wrapping Tube Cable allows up to 4,990m per drum, which is over twice the length. Longer the cable length per drum, the fewer splicing locations during deployment, which also contributes to the reduction of installation cost and time.

This new high fibre density cable can be applied to network of urban cities, data centre, etc.