Product Code: APM-101

Automatic Preparation Machine APM-101

The APM-101 achieves high speed and reliable performance in the preparation of optical fibre before splicing.

Reducing fibre breakage plus the possibility of low quality cleaving results, the APM-101 automatically performs coating stripping, cleaning and cleaving of the optical fibre to improve and streamline operation times.

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Compressed-air is necessary for operation and to prepare optical fibres before splicing requires standard steps of procedure:

  1. Stripping fibre without degrading fibre quality
  2. Cleaning fibre with alcohol to remove coating residue
  3. Cleaving fibre with right angle.


The APM-101 performs all processes automatically to produce consistent results and a superior operating process that is highly reliable. In factory and industrial automation systems the APM-101 offers:

  • Consistent fibre preparation and splicing quality.
  • Quick operation by an automated system provides continuous long-operation times, avoiding multiple break interruptions to clean components and residue containers. With an internal pressure sensor, the APM-101 system checks the air pressure required for cleaving quality before initialising operations for low and incorrect air pressures to be detected.
  • Compact body design with a small footprint to fit various operating surfaces.


  • Automatic, no skills required
  • 3 to 9mm cleave length is achievable for 125 micron cladding/250 micron coating fibers
  • Quick operation as little as 18 sec for stripping/cleaning/cleaving
  • Automatic residue collection and cleaning
  • Alcohol circulation system allowing prolonged time between refills
  • Diamond blade provides consistent cleaving quality
  • Reliable stripping method with minimum fiber damage
  • Product friendly design