Product Code: CT-104

Large Diameter Optical Fibre Cleaver CT-104

CT-104 large diameter fibre cleaver  from 80μm to 600μm

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The CT-104 is a high precision large diameter fibre (LDF) cleaver designed for fusion splicing and glass processing preparation.

CT-104 offers high precision LDF cleaving capability - applicable from 80 μm up to 600 μm diameter fibres.

CT-104 provides advanced capabilities; including extensive programmable features to ensure optimal and consistent results.

Such features include:storage for up to 100 program modes, a blade life of 20,000 fibres with a cladding diameter of 125μm and applicable optical fibre include not only solid glass optical fibres but also microstructured fibres and capillaries:



  • Applicable from 80μm to 600μm diameter fibres
  • Manual fibre clamp system can be used with a torque driver if required
  • The Cleavers can store up to 100 program modes.
  • Fibre holder adapter for FH-100 series is (optional)
  • Communication to a PC via USB