Product Code: Thermal Jacket Stripper HJS-03

Thermal Jacket Stripper HJS-03

The HJS-03 is designed to strip the coating of fibre ribbon or bundled fiber up to 12 fibres with an 125μm cladding diameter.

In order to strip, a heater is equipped, which soften the coating of the fibre ribbon for smooth stripping. Battery operated power is available.



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Equipped with a heater which softens the coating of the fiber for smooth stripping, the HJS-03 is a battery powered hot jacket stripper designed for use with the SpliceMate fusion splicer and can be used in other applications.

When the splicer is operated by battery power the stripper switches to power save mode. The temperature selection also provides easy field optimization for different fibers or operating conditions. An optional singlefiber
adapter may be used to provide easy single-fiber capability for difficult-to-strip fibre.

The HJS-03 Thermal Jacket Stripper is designed for smooth and controlled stripping of 12-fibre ribbon.

Storage Conditions -40oC to 80oC

  • For stripping fibre ribbon up to 24 fibres
  • A heater equipped for smooth stripping
  • Thickness of fibre ribbon from 250μm to 400μm
  • Coating/cladding diameter 250 / 250 μm
  • Typical heating time 3 second normal mode/ 30sec Power Save Mode
  • Standard Heating temperature 100oC
  • Power supply (12VDC)