Product Code: LAZERMaster LZM-100 Laser Splicing System

LAZERMaster LZM-100 Laser Splicing System

AFL's LZM-100 LAZERMaster is a glass processing and splicing system that uses a CO2 laser heat source rather than electrodes, ensuring repeatable performance and low maintenance, and eliminating electrode or filament maintenance and instability. Splicing or adiabatic tapering (to create mode field adapters or pump combiners) can be performed with glass diameters of 2.3 mm or more. The high resolution optical analysis system works in conjunction with on-board firmware for fully automatic splicing, tapering and other glass shaping processes.

The LAZERMaster on-board firmware is virtually identical to that of the Fujikura FSM-100 ARCMaster series splicers. The system is intuitive and very easy to operate. Operations may also be performed manually and by PC control. A SpliceLab PC control GUI is provided, pre-installed on the notebook PC that is included with the LZM-100, providing greater flexibility and finer control relative to the LAZERMaster on-board firmware. The LAZERMaster version of SpliceLab is also very similar to ARCMaster splicer series SpliceLab. Customers can create proprietary PC control algorithms using
a complete set of PC control commands.

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CO2 laser eliminates electrode or filament maintenance, provides extremely stable operation and greatly reduces the need for periodic calibration

Automated laser beam diameter control to fine tune the size of the heating area

Redundant automated laser safety features 

2.3 mm maximum fiber diameter (larger fibers may be spliced manually)

Scalable for much larger fibers by simple substitution of a higher power laser, if required

Long travel / high resolution Z motion for long adiabatic tapers

Automatic operation by on-board LZM-100 splicer firmware, manual operation or operation by PC

Onboard splicer menus and parameters are common to the Fujikura FSM-100 series splicer - easy to understand, navigate and operate

SpliceLab PC control GUI based on FSM-100 series SpliceLab GUI - easy to understand, navigate and operate


Extra large diameter fiber splicing for fiber laser, bio-medical, and sensor applications

Long adiabatic fiber tapers to generate Mode Field Adapters

Multi-fiber tapers for pump laser combiners

Fiber lensing and other glass shaping or glass processing

Other specialty photonic applications