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41S+ Active Cladding Alignment Fusion Splicer

Designed for FTTX applications, the 41S+ is a next-generation smart splicer which boasts innovative features in a compact and robust package.

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The 41S+ is our new active cladding alignment single fibre V-groove splicer, which takes a step beyond its predecessor with the inclusion of Active Fusion Control Technology and Active Blade Management Technology. These two proprietary technologies allow customers to achieve more consistent and stable low-loss splicing, reducing the need for rework and re-splicing.

The 41S+ retains all the unique, class-leading features from the current high-performance flagship line-up of Fujikura splicers, including quick splice and heat times, fully ruggedized features, and user customizable settings. The 41S+ offers installers the convenience of a 5" colour touch-panel display and menu system but also maintains the traditional easy-to-use button navigation system. Convenience is further bolstered by the improved v-groove illumination and the benefit of easy splice protector positioning. The machine reassures users of reliable splice results using CORE loss estimation using Warm Image Splicing Technology.

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth connectivity, the 41S+ wirelessly connects to the CT50 fibre cleaver and enables a range of pioneering features that will improve the overall installation time, cost and efficiency for operators. The 41S+ also has the unique capability to estimate splice loss with greater accuracy, using its Core Loss Estimation Function.

The issue of poor fibre cleaving due to worn, incorrectly adjusted or damaged cleaver blades is conveniently dealt with. When the 41S+ detects a high cleave angle or bad end shape, it sends a blade position change instruction to the cleaver. The CT50 cleaver then rotates the cleaver blade automatically to the next position, restoring optimum cleaving performance. 

By utilising the low radio power of Bluetooth technology, other equipment nearby will not be interfered with. Operators can benefit from the "always on" technology due to the low power consumption of the Bluetooth, which means that batteries can last for several months. In addition to cleave performance, the smart splicer can also wirelessly monitor the battery and power usage of the CT50 cleaver.

As the latest addition to the Fujikura splicing family, the 41S+ is flexible, smart and efficient and is therefore capable of making a huge difference to efficiency of users. The easy-to-handle and operate qualities of this splicer means quick and simple splicing, with performance never being compromised.

Active Fusion Control Technology

  • One of main causes of high splice loss is bad cleave end face quality. The 41S+ analyses the condition of both L and R cleave end faces and applies optimal fusion control. This new technology improves splice loss significantly and greatly reduces the need for rework.

  • Because fusion is easily affected by changes in the environment, the 41S+ uses real-time fusion parameter control by analysing the fibre brightness intensity during splicing. This contributes to stable, low-loss splice results.

Active Blade Management Technology

  • The 41S+ and CT50 fibre cleaver are equipped with wireless data connectivity, which allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the 41S+ judges the blade is worn. The 41S+ displays the remaining blade life and informs the user when a blade height change, blade position change, or new blade is required.

 Enhanced splice quality

  • When the frequency of large cleave angle or other cleave problems increases, Active Blade Management Technology can detect this increasing ratio of poor cleaves and rotate the blade position automatically. Active Blade Management Technology therefore significantly reduces the frequency of poor quality cleaves. Even when a poor cleave is detected, the 41S+ compensates by using Active Fusion Control Technology to apply optimized fusion to reduce the incidence of high splice loss. By using these two key technologies together, the 41S+ minimizes the occurrence of high splice loss and greatly reduces the need for rework and re-splicing.

 User friendly

  • The 41S+ can accommodate splice sleeves with a diameter of up to 6.0mm, so it supports a wide range of protection sleeve sizes.

  • The 41S+ electrodes comes as an assembly including electrode mounting fixture and thumb screw. The thumb screw is easily loosened or tightened by hand without tools, which makes it simple to replace electrodes.

  • The CT50 fiber cleaver has a user replaceable blade and rubber clamps - there's no need to send the device to a service centre for blade or clamp replacement.

 Multi-functional carrying case with integrated workstation

  • There are multiple ways to utilize the 41S+ carrying case. The 41S+ is ready to use just by opening the case, but can be removed with the work tray, or the tray can be placed on top of the carrying case or other work surface, mounted it on a tripod, etc. The work tray has a drawer which can slide open to expand the work area and it includes convenient features such as a recess to lock an included alcohol dispensing bottle in place to prevent it from falling.

  • More consistent and stable low-loss splicing

  • Core loss estimation function using Warm Image Splicing Technology

  • Compact, robust splicer designed for FTTx applications

  • Fast splicing time - six seconds

  • 5" touch panel with easy operation

  • Bluetooth connectivity