Product Code: 16OK CMOS Module

160K CMOS Module

160,000 pixel (400 x 400) image sensor module.

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Fujikura's 160,000 pixel (400 x 400) CMOS image sensor module has an outer diameter of just 1.65mm and is an ideal solution for applications where the amount of space to house an image solution is at a premium, such as medical endoscopes.



  • 400 x 400 (160,000) pixel CMOS image sensor module
  • Analogue
  • 30 fps
  • Distal housing 1.65mm diameter
  • Distal housing rigid portion 5mm in length
  • Cable harness outer jacket material ETFE
  • Cable harness length and diameter, typical 2,000mm and max Ø0.9mm

Optical Characteristics

  • Field of view in air 90° (nominal)
  • Working distance 5mm (nominal)
  • Depth of field 3 - 50mm
  • Distortion in air ≤25%