Product Code: Radiation Resistant Fibre

Radiation Resistant Fibre

Radiation resistant single-mode and multi mode optical fibers have been developed. In general, attenuation of silica-based optical fiber increases in high radiation environments. However new radiation resistant optical fibers have radiation resistant and attenuation recovery characteristics, which are far superior to conventional pure silica core fiber.

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 Radiation resistant single-mode fibre


Model name unit RRSMFB
Operating wavelength μm 1.3
Attenuation (@850nm) dB/km -
Attenuation (@1310nm) dB/km <=0.5
Attenuation (@1550nm) dB/km <=0.5
Cutoff wavelength nm  
Polarization mode dispersion ps/km1/2  
Minimum zero dispersion nm  
Maximum zero dispersion nm  
Zero dispersion slope ps/nm2/km  
Mode field diameter (@850nm) μm -
Mode field diameter (@1310nm) μm 8.6 +/- 0.7
Cladding diameter μm  
Cladding non circularity %  
Core / cladding concentric μm  
Coating diameter μm  


  • Good initial transmission characteristics

  • Excellent environmental resistance of optical performance

  • Excellent stability