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Lift/Elevator Cables

Fujikura's flat-type PVC elevator cables (FUJIKURA FLAT) have a thin, flat cross-sectional construction profile. Dissimilar to conventionally-used round cables, they can be installed with a relatively small U-shaped suspension radius, and are hence suitable for use in places where space savings are required. They are also capable of accommodating exceptionally large U-shaped bending ratios (bending radius/cable diameter) thus offering excellent bending fatigue life.

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DSCF1712As modern city space is becoming limited and prohibitively expensive, skyscrapers are dominating the skyline with their great heights. Along with the increasing height, taller elevators require greater lengths of signal transmission cables. The modern elevator not only requires transmission cables solely for motor signals but also for the control of various other components such as the automatic doors, air conditioners, security cameras, card readers and monitors; the number of transmission wires required increases along with the diversification of information. Fujikura's flat elevator cable is capable of uniquely accommodating these additional signals whilst maintaining a small profile. Combined its unique space-saving design and excellent durability with our unmatchable experience in cable manufacturing, FUJIKURA FLAT cables are highly reliable without any compromise in safety.