Test and Measurement

AFL Test & Inspection is a globally recognised brand for fibre optic test and measure equipment. Fujikura Europe is the authorised distributor of AFL  products in the UK.


Our sales and service teams are able to offer exclusive knowledge and training on all test & inspection products. Through our approved calibration & repair centre for AFL products in Europe we ensure our customers receive excellent products and documentation.

Product lines include optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs), loss test kits, inspection and cleaning, fiber identifiers, fault locators and are designed for the following:

  • Accurate and precise results every time
  • Engineered to endure outdoor conditions
  • Highly user-friendly interfaces that enable quick reporting without complicated training requirements.



For details including Terms and Conditions on all AFL Test & Inspection products in the UK please email sales@fujikura.co.uk.


See the AFL Test & Inspection product videos

Noyes product presentation

Noyes product presentation


OTDRs range from simple fault locating to multifunction testing. Touch and Test™ brings advanced functionality in an easy-to-use interface. TRM™ certification and reporting software provides a PC analysis tool for viewing, managing, archiving and printing OTDR traces along with comprehensive reports compliant to TIA/ISO guidelines.


Loss Test Kits
Loss testing capabilities for all budgets. Simple power meters and light sources offer reliable loss measurements. Advanced kits which  in-unit storage of test results and TRM reporting software which enables technicians to organize test data, apply test rules for pass/fail analysis and build custom test reports using industry accepted templates.


Inspection and Cleaning
Connector integrity is crucial to reliable network performance. AFL Test & Inspection products provide solutions ranging from standalone inspection scopes to probe options for direct connection to AFL OTDRs or a PC. Successful inspection of fibre connectors is dependant upon cleaning with fibre optic-grade cleaners.


Fiber Identifiers and Fault Locators
Optical Fiber Identifiers (OFI) allow technicians to identify in service fibres without interrupting traffic. Visual Fault Locators (VFL) inject visible red light into an optical fibre to enable technicians to quickly locate sharp bends, breaks, or simply trace a fibre in cluttered fibre areas.


AFL Test & Inspection is a subsidiary of America Fujikura Ltd which is part of the "Fujikura Group" of companies.