OTDRs and Fault Locators

AFL Test & Inspection optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and fault locators from FEL are used to certify new fibre installations and locate faults in deployed fibre optic networks. 

OTDRs and fault locators are available for both multimode and single-mode networks, including FTTx PONs. 

OTDRs scan fibre optic networks from one end of the fibre, displaying a trace and reporting detected events such as splices, connectors, micro or macro-bends and fibre end. Fibre length is reported along with location, loss and reflectance of detected events. 

The AFL Test & Inspection OTDR series includes integrated visual fault locators (VFL), optical light sources (OLS), and/or optical power meters (OPM). OTDR results can be uploaded to a PC for further analysis.

Fujikura Europe is the authorised distributor for AFL test & measurement products in the UK. In addition, Fujikura Europe is the approved calibration & repair centre for AFL Test & Inspection products in Europe.

For information on ordering, including Fujikura discount offers on AFL Test & Inspection products available in the UK please email sales@fujikura.co.uk