Product Code: aeRos™ Workflow Management Solution

aeRos™ Workflow Management Solution

aeRos™ Workflow Management Solution

Built around you and the way you test your network aeRos™ is a cloud-based, comprehensive workflow management solution. Every aspect of the testing process is more efficient. No matter where you are or what technology you use, coordinating with your field technicians is simpler and more cost-effective than ever.

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We've centralized test management and reporting. Now you can set up jobs from anywhere and push them to your testers. Because you're monitoring jobs and communication in real time, you can dramatically reduce field errors and expensive re-testing. The aeRos™ easy-to-use reporting template includes "what if" analysis against different industry standards.

Test data and project updates automatically sync with the cloud. With aeRos™ you can make changes to your workflow on the fly and never worry about losing data. With no waiting for equipment to come back for download, you'll get to reports and revenue sooner.

Now project managers can track test progress and validate test results on all active jobs. With aeRos™, you can see passed/failed links in real time and plan troubleshooting more efficiently. You'll always know if your projects are on track.


  • Cloud-based
  • Real-time, on-site test data validation and progress tracking
  • Automatic sync of test configurations and results
  • Centralized test management



  • Efficient Workflow Management
  • Seamless testing using a variety of smart devices
  • Customizable reporting and analysis