Product Code: Rogue OLTS/Certification App

Rogue OLTS/Certification App

Built around you and the way you test your network

The apps works seamlessly with the aeRos cloud and Rogue hardware platform to create just the test capabilities needed for a particular job. Test configurations and instructions are pushed from  aeRos cloud solution to the smart device app to simplify the process for technicians. Technicians receive a notification on their smart device and can perform required tests. When the testing is complete, the results automatically and seamlessly synchronize with the cloud. No more waiting for the technician to return with the USB stick and manually transfer the data. Instead you get instant access to the testing results. 



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You could start with a simple OLTS test kit that supports single fibre loss testing. Add a second OLTS module and now you can test two fibres simultaneously. And, with two bi-directional engines, you can even test both fibres in both directions on 2 wavelengths.  All with the push of a button on your smart phone.  ROGUE users can easily turn the OLTS solution into a full Tier 1 certifier simply by adding a certification app.  Adding additional functionality is as simple as downloading another app.



  • Available for any Android, iOS, or Windows smart device
  • Automatic sync of test configurations and results
  • Simple to use, familiar user interface
  • Real-time, on-site test data validation


  • Tier 1 testing of premise networks
  • Bi-directional testing on 2 links at once
  • Multi-function testing: loss, length, ORL, certification
  • Integrate with Multi-fibre switch for MPO OLTS testing