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45S Active cladding alignment fusion splicer

UOS: Piece
  • Simultaneous fibre preparation
  • 30% faster operational cycle time
  • Innovative, user-centric design
  • Active Fusion Control and Active Blade Management technologies


The 45S is a small cladding alignment V-groove splicer with substantial performance.

With its ground-breaking simultaneous fibre preparation features, improved operation, and exceptional reliability, the 45S raises the bar for FTTx splicers. From fibre preparation through to completion of heating, the 45S simplifies and speeds-up the complete splice process compared to our previous model, without compromising on the quality of splice.

The 45S’s accelerated performance is achieved through faster preparation and heating times. Simultaneous fibre preparation streamlines the splicing process and an improved heater ensures the rapid heating performance.

Stable and consistent low loss splicing is achieved thanks to Active Fusion Control Technology and Active Blade Management Technology, which reduce the need for rework and re-splicing.

Control of the 45S is through an adjustable colour touchscreen which ensures easy operation and visibility in all environments. Convenience is further bolstered by the improved V-groove illumination and the benefit of easy splice protector positioning. The machine reassures users of reliable splice results using CORE loss estimation using Warm Image Splicing Technology.


Simultaneous fibre preparation

Simultaneous fibre preparation streamlines the splicing process. The SS05 fibre stripper allows dual stripping of two 250μm fibres and the CT50 cleaver included in the kit has a new dual fibre adaptor plate which enables simultaneous cleaving of two fibres.

The 45S also makes it possible to load two fibres into the splicer at the same time. When left and right fibres are set in base of the sheath clamp, a setting mechanism responds to pressure from the operator’s fingers and causes the sheath clamp lids to close automatically – eliminating the need to close the clamps manually with a free hand. Once splicing is complete, the sheath clamps open with the wind protector.

Active Fusion Control Technology

Active fusion control by cleave condition: One of main causes of high splice loss is a bad cleave end face quality. The 45S analyses the condition of both left and right cleave end faces and applies optimal fusion control. This new technology improves splice loss significantly and greatly reduces needs for rework.

Active Fusion control by fibre brightness: Fusion is easily affected by changes in the environment. The 45S uses real-time fusion parameter control by analysing the fibre brightness intensity during splicing. This contributes to stable, low-loss splice results.

Active Blade Management Technology

The 45S and CT50 fibre-cleaver are equipped with wireless data connectivity. This capability allows automatic cleaver blade rotation when the 45S judges the blade is worn. The 45S displays the remaining blade life and informs the user when a blade height change, blade position change, or new blade is required.

When the frequency of large cleave angle or other cleave problems increases, Active Blade Management Technology can detect this increasing ratio of poor cleaves and rotate the blade position automatically. Active Blade Management Technology therefore significantly reduces the frequency of poor quality cleaves. Even when a poor cleave is detected, the 45S compensates by using Active Fusion Control Technology to apply optimized fusion to reduce the incidence of high splice loss. By using these two key technologies together, the 45S minimizes the occurrence of high splice loss and greatly reduces the need for rework and re-splicing.

New tube heater

This 45S’s heater also contributes to its accelerated performance. The average heating time for a 60mm sleeve is 22 seconds, a figure which drops to 17 seconds for a slim 60mm sleeve (both times depend on environmental conditions). The end result for the user is clear - completion of splicing operations with unmatched efficiency.

Increased Z-stroke range

Thanks to an increased Z-stroke range, the 45S automatically corrects the position of the fibre if it is slightly misplaced, which simplifies fibre loading while eliminating potential errors and contributing to low loss results.

Long lasting battery

With uninterrupted operation for up to 230 splice and heat cycles.

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