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2G-REBCO-High Temperature Superconductors

Fujikura is one of the world's leading producers of "second-generation high temperature superconductors" (2G-HTS).

These advanced products have applications in Nuclear Fusion, NMR, superconducting motors, fault current limiters, current leads as well as a wide range of astronomical and scientific applications. All these applications require high currents, and extreme uniformity.

Fujikura was the company that developed the two central process is to produce these advanced materials, namely "ion beam assisted deposition" (IBAD) and "Pulsed Laser Deposition" (PLD).  This was recognised in 2020 when Dr. Yasuhiro Iijima received the prestigious IEEE award for this achievement.

Fujikura has bespoke knowledge of these processes which allows us to manufacture extremely high quality 2GHTS practical high-end applications. Our tapes provide extremely good Ic as well as excellent uniformity, both in terms of mechanical and electrical properties.

We have a range of widths available. (2mm- 12mm). Our standard tapes are optimised for 77K, and we also offer "Artificially Pinned" tapes which provide improved performance at very low temperatures.

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The phenomenon of superconductivity was first discovered in 1911. The first generation of materials utilised metal compounds and alloys, but could only operate at extremely low temperatures, typically less than 30K.

The second generation of High temperature superconductors were discovered in the 1980's. (2G-HTS). These utilise complex crystal structures incorporating Barium Copper Oxides along with Rare Earth elements. We refer to these are "Rare-Earth Barium Copper Oxide" superconductors. (REBCO HTS, or 2G-HTS)

These materials offer unprecedented performance that stands well above any other superconductor in terms of temperature and magnetic field. However, the high performance of these materials can only be achieved by precisely aligning the crystal structure of the superconducting layer.

Fujikura pioneered, and optimised the manufacturing processes to produce these materials in the 1990's. This was recently recognised by the prestigious "IEEE Dr James Wong Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions to Superconductivity".  

The first process is called Ion Beam Assisted Deposition. (IBAD). This process fabricates a highly textured, uniform buffer layer on a metal substrate. This layer consists of a uniform MgO substrate which aids crystal alignment of the subsequent superconducting layer.

The superconducting layer is subsequently added using "Pulsed Laser Deposition" (PLD). Fujikura developed the hot wall technique which greatly improved the superconducting properties of REBCO tapes.


Fujikura's superconducting wire has extremely uniform performance over long lengths. The graph below shows the uniformity of critical current over a 600m length. Batch to batch performance is equally uniform. In-Field performance is also very repeatable which is an essential factor for high performance complex magnets.


Fujikura is routinely supplying 2G-HTS full range of established and emerging technologies.

Our tapes are routinely used for demanding applications such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), as well as "high-field" scientific magnets for accelerators, or space applications which often utilising magnetic fields for particle detection.

Our tapes are used for Fault Current Limiters which can help control electrical current in power networks, as well as "current leads" for MRI scanners. We are also active in emerging technologies such as Nuclear fusion and efficient motors for energy generation and transportation.