Fibre Laser Products

Fujikura is an industry leader of optical fibre technologies including Fibre Laser Products .We have developed and manufactured high-quality optical fibre technologies for over 40 years, and fibre lasers since 2001.

We design and produce high technology products including; optical fibres, components, optical amplifiers, fusion splicers and high-power semiconductor lasers.

Fujikura is an industry leader for Optical fibre technologies including Fibre Lasers. We have been at the forefront of fibre-Optic  technologies for over 40 years including :- optical fibres, components, optical amplifiers, fusion splicers, sensors and high-power semiconductor lasers. As a major supplier of Fibre Lasers in Japan, we hold many unique patents for this technology.

Our laser technology is fully vertically integrated across key laser products all produced in-house.

Fujikura Laser Products are designed for high-end solutions for a wide range of applications. Currently we are launching the Fibre Laser Series into Europe with three key products:

  • Pulsed Q-Switched Fibre lasers, (Up to 75W)
  • Air Cooled 'Single Mode' CW Fibre Lasers, (up to 300W)
  • High Power Multi Mode kW Fibre Lasers, (Up to 6kW)Z 


About Fibre Lasers

Fibre lasers are rapidly replacing traditional laser technologies such as YAG and CO2, due to superior performance and efficiency.

Fibre lasers have an optical path which is constructed completely from Optical Fibre.  

There are no mirrors or optics to align minimising the amount of maintenance needed. This provides durability against vibrations, shocks and environmental changes.

Fibre lasers benefit from a compact size, long diode life, low-maintenance and high wall-plug efficiency.

Fujikura's Fibre Lasers provide exceptional tolerance to back reflection, using our patented component and system design.

Our lasers are used in a range of applications including marking, micro-fabrication, welding, cutting, and measuring. We are particularly strong in applications using highly reflective materials.

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