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LZM-125 Series

The LAZERMaster LZM-125 Series is a splicing and glass processing system that uses a CO2 laser heat source to perform splicing, tapering (to create MFAs), lensing, or other glass shaping operations with glass diameters of 2.0 mm or less. The high resolution optical analysis system works in conjunction with onboard firmware for fully automatic splicing, tapering and other glass shaping processes.

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High precision glass processing is enabled by the intuitive and user friendly on-board firmware (virtually identical to that of the Fujikura FSM-100 splicers). Operations may also be performed manually and by PC control. The FPS PC control GUI is supplied with the LZM-125 Series to provide additional features, greater flexibility, and finer control. The FSP GUI may be used on a PC chosen by the customer. Customers can also create proprietary PC control algorithms using a complete set of PC control commands.



• 10 mm Maximum Z Travel Length

• 8 mm Maximum Taper Length


• 36 mm Maximum Z Travel Length

• 32 mm Maximum Taper Length


• 36 mm Maximum Z Travel Length

• 32 mm Maximum Taper Length

  • Splices and glass processing of fibers with 80 μm up to 2.0 mm diameter
  • High resolution motion for precise control during splicing and glass processing operations
  • Extensive library of applications which are transferable between the LZM and FSM family
  • FPS PC GUI provides additional measurement capabilities and glass shaping control
  • CO2 Laser Heat Source for Splicing and Glass Shaping:
  • Clean modular laser heat source: Absolutely no deposits on fiber surface as might occur with filaments or electrodes.
  • Substantially reduces maintenance and calibration requirements
  • Proprietary feedback system ensures heating power stability
  • No need for external process gas (as required with filament systems) or Vacuum systems
  • Class 1 System with redundant automated laser safety features
  • Motorized mirrors to automatically adjust the beam path